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Banana is a fruit of a herb. April 9, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is a banana is a fruit of an herb. Let me start by saying, this is not a common fact, but it might be now to some of you. Because if you read something and understand that something it can become a common fact. First I will show you two pictures

Picture A is a common herb, basil.

Picture B is an un common herb, banana tree.

Now picture B is not really a banana tree, but a banana herb. Bananas are really good for you so it would make sense that it is a herb. Well that might not make sense but it does make sense that it is a herb because well they look the same. They both are green. Ever heard of herb grass, yeah it is green. The issue I have with many people is they are to critical about bananas, I love bananas and think they are underappreciated. They grow from a tall herb, most herbs are short, but not the banana herb. The facts are that it is harder to grow from a tall herb than a small herb*. Herbivores are plant eating animals. So if a monkey is eating a banana than it is a herb eating herbivore. Say that 5 times really fast. Fun, huh? Now stick your tongue out and say that 5 times really fast, more fun, huh?  You may eat a banana a day to keep the doctor away but that won’t work, that only works for apples. The real story is humans average 28 pounds of bananas eaten a year. I suggest we get that average up! By 2011 I want to see the human peoples eat 29 pound per year! Together we can do this for the tall herbs. The herbs forgotten, the herbs lost, and for the herbs called trees, the banana trees. Find a banana herb and eat away my friends, I am counting on you.

*made up fact.


Blueberries make your fingers purple. February 28, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is blueberries make your fingers purple. This may seem like a basic concept, but it is not. An apple won’t turn your fingers red nor will an orange turn them orange. When is the last time you ate some celery, were your hands green after that, I think not. This is a good lesson, you can’t judge a food by its cover. Cover meaning the outer part, such as the skin of the blueberry. Although the “cover” of an orange might be the peal, for this lesson it is not, it’s just the out side of the fleshy part of the orange. Why is this a good lesson? It is a good lesson because you might see something you want to eat and be like well I can’t eat that I don’t want my fingers to change colors. You might be missing out on some good food like shrimp, toast and grapes. These three things will not turn your figures colors like a blueberry would. Maybe I am missing the point here, maybe the point is that blueberries are actually purpleberries. I mean why not? I don’t think it is right to judge a food on the outside but can we at least name it right? Why trick me into thinking they are blue? I mean if I see purple all over me I might panic because where did that come from? I mean I just ate some blueberries but this is purple. Blue is a little manlier though, depends on the blue. Baby blue is kind of for babies. See right there, BABY blue is for babies. A red wood tree is red and a light bulb produces light. Life is simple until we think about blueberries. Email congress and any botanist you can find before this dilemma gets out of hand. Before you do that fuel up with some amazingly delicious blueberries purpleberries.