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Octopuses have 3 hearts August 8, 2011

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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1/3 of octopus blood movement.

What I learned tonight is Octopuses have 3 hearts. This could however make it the most dominating species on the planet. It also could mean that it will take over the world someday. Probably the only thing holding it back is it can’t breath out of water to well.  Lets think of this logically, we have 1 heart, they have 3. So if we have 2 lungs, they have 6! I mean we are talking super vital organs here. We better hope they don’t develop this. Granted they have lots of legs with millions of cups ready to suck onto you at any moment. That is scary, but what is more scary is they are packing around 3 times the vital organs than you. I know you are thinking “yeah but why would this happen? Simple, weird stuff happens, who would of thought a cricket would listen to things from its knee? Not me! The point I am trying to make here is, this is an emergency waiting to happen and we are doing nothing about it. A creature that is super creepy and has tons of suckers and 9 vital organs is like a ticking time bomb to taking over the world. Luckily for us they just have 3 hearts and tons of gills. Gills = powerless to us lung breathing humans, but when lungs start forming in the slimy weird-looking balloon sacked octopus then we are done for. The next time you see an octopus think of 6 lungs waiting in attack. Scared? You should be.