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If you fall of the horse, get back on as fast as possible. May 5, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is if you fall of the horse, get back on as fast as possible. You may have heard of the saying “if you fall of the horse dust your self your self off and get back on.” Well what they don’t tell you is you don’t really have time to dust your self off. Think about falling of a horse and then getting attacked. Because if you think about it, why did you fall off in the first place? Well you may just not be good at riding the horse or the horse is scared and running. Well you know what the say, riding a scared horse is not easy. The funny thing about big predatory attacking creatures really scares a horse. This is funny because there is something funny about seeing something get chanced. Think about a person chasing a dollar bill floating down the street. Funny, huh? You may be confused by now, but watch this.

What we have here is a predatory animal chasing a horse. The horse gets scared and runs, the human cant stay on the horse because its not easy to ride a scared horse. Then the human falls, is thinking to him self “I need to dust off and get back on.” The problem is the predatory animal has now set its sights on the human. The human cries because he can’t dust off, the human knows this step must got first. Some words are being yelled in some language I can’t understand, but I am sure it was saying “dust your self and get back on!” The human is attacked and hurt. The big human beats the predatory animal in a sign of protecting and anger. This could have been avoided however by saying in the language I cant understand “forget the dusting, get back on quick!!”

This is a good lesson about priorities and those old sayings are not always the best. What we must remember is it’s not about what we do, its how fast we do it. Watch out for those monster predatory birds and if I am the one falling off that horse remind me to get back on fast and please use a language I understand.