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Molasses kills. April 14, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is molasses kills. We all know sugar is bad for you and molasses is high in sugar I think. I am not quite sure but the internet says it’s a combination of sugar cane and sugar beets so the word sugar comes up a lot. You may be thinking well of course molasses kills you, it is sugar, well that’s not what I mean. I mean think about it, if molasses kills you then so does candy and pop, and I can write all day about that. I bring up molasses because of an important American history topic. It took place in the year 1919 in Boston, Massachusetts. This is not the Boston tea party, but good guess. This is called “the Boston molasses disaster”. I will start by saying my dream use to be swimming in a swimming pool of chocolate, but never again will I think and if I do think that I will kick my self, because it’s a bad idea. Back to the disaster and this is a disaster because 21 people were killed because a tank full of molasses blew up. How did this kill people you might ask, simple they drown in molasses. 2,300,000 gallons of molasses to be correct and flying down the streets of Boston going 35 miles per hour. Correct me if I am wrong but probably the only thing worse than running from a tidal wave of molasses going 35 miles per hour is running from T-Rex running 35 miles per hour. If the wave is made of water you have a chance to swim, if it is a bear you have a chance to play dead, if it’s T-Rex you’re a goner. Now if it’s a wave of molasses, you are a goner as well, think about it that stuff is thick and sticky. If you have not seen how thick it is, picture mud mixed with duct tape, it’s think and sticky. Next time you see some mud wrap you’re self in duct tape and roll around in the mud, see how hard it is to move and stuff, then picture your self running from a T-Rex, let me know which you think is worse.

This tragic event could have been avoided with proper care and managing of the molasses plant. I will not point figures but someone dropped the ball. Just like in Jurassic park, someone dropped the ball there too. In this life there are 2 evils, big predatory dinosaurs and big tsunamis of molasses. I hope you never experience either of these, because they are not good. Stay safe out there, it is dangerous.



1. Lyd - April 14, 2010

I don’t like molasses.

2. lauri - April 15, 2010

you are goofy!

3. lindsay - April 16, 2010

tyler- this is by far NOT my favorite blog on “what you learned tonight…” I really think you need to take the suggestion I gave you the other day…I’ll be waiting to read something about it soon..lol!! However, where you come up with this stuff and your sense of humor is great!! At least it always amuses me!! 🙂

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