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Putting soap in a microwave is a life lesson. April 8, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is putting soap in a microwave is a life lesson. These 3 people are really excited about this experiment and so am I. I am excited to teach you about safety and staying alive. If you want to see how excited they are watch this.

See what I mean? The lady is so excited she seems to see a little kids face in the melted soap. Is it melted? Or is it just puffing? Can something puff? A cloud is puffy but can it puff? The point is if you put a bar of soap in the microwave really cool things happen. I think it is a good lesson however, be carful around microwaves, if you find your self stuck in a microwave while its turned on, your puffed. I don’t mean to scare you, but life is full of dangers. One of these dangers is falling into a turned on microwave. It is easy to say that it won’t happen to you, but it might. What do you think the captain of the titanic said when some said “are we going to fall into a microwave?” he said “no it wont happen to us”. Now it did not happen to them but they did hit a ice burg. Moral of that story, if you worry about the microwave to much, you’re sunk. Just as ducks fly south in the winter and mosquitoes are worthless, microwaves are dangerous, be carful friends.



1. J - April 8, 2010

I didn’t see 3 people and soap in a microwave – I saw wire wrapped around a coke can – dangerous! What happens to the soap?

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