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Crickets hear with there knees. March 30, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is crickets hear with there knees. Now if I clap my hands I can hear it with my ears. Now my ears are on my face, so if I hit my face I can hear it as well. Hearing is a funny thing because without it we would all deaf. I always kind of thought crickets were deaf. I mean think about it, if you were loud and obnoxious would you want to be deaf as well? But I guess it is not up to them. I am not to sure but I thought crickets made sound with there legs and they here with there legs, so cricket legs are like human heads. Or a more accurate description is human heads are like cricket legs. As a human a find this super disrespectful and dislike this description. I am just being honest however in my description of human heads. You will probably not look at humans the same, but that’s what comes with learning. The more we learn the more we look at things differently. To review we have hearing on a cricket on its legs and hearing on a human on its head. To they are the same. There is no different, but a human head on a cricket and it would be just fine, put a cricket leg on top on a human body and it would be just fine. This is what science tells us, and I don’t argue with facts and science. Next time you make fun of a cricket remember you are making fun of your own head, good luck ladies and gentleman.



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