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Books are heavy. March 24, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is books are heavy. I hope you all read books because that makes you smart. If you read a book you might not think they are that heavy, but you are wrong. They are very heavy. Now Indiana University is a very nice place or at least I am guessing it is. Well this very nice place built a very nice library. What goes in library you might ask? Books, of course go in the library. The problem is that the weight of the books is making the library sink! About 1 inch a year sinks because the smart people who built it forgot to add the weight of the books when they made the foundation. Now this seems hard to believe, but it is true. Or at least I guess it is true. Now if you are a visual learner, then here you go.

I hope that clears it up, I do not want you to think that it was something else, but in fact this is something we must take very serious. Did you see the blue line? Don’t look at the green circle but the blue line, I mean wow 2050 will not be fun. This might go down as the disaster of 2050, crazy blue line is now ground level, amazing. I do not wish to detour people from go to Indiana University, it is a fine institution and you should go. Just remember though that the door is sinking into the ground at the library, so watch your head you might just hit it. This is my main concern, the health and safety of our students. They are the future of this great nation and with big gashes in there head it is harder to learn. The library should be a safe place not a place of sink holes and gashed and bleeding heads.

I urge the people at Indiana University to find a good solution to this. Please, bad the tops of the doors, have ice packs and head bandages all around the library. Have a safety plan in place to deal with a sudden  daily .0027 inch drop(1 inch divided by 365 days a year is .0027 inches.) Remember that head injuries are serious and should be treated immediately by a trained health care professional.  Stay calm Indiana.



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