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Do not take a taxi in Portsmouth, England. March 11, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I Learned tonight is do not take a taxi in Portsmouth, England. The daily telegraph had an add for getting a taxi cab licenses. Now there is what part of the ad said “application forms are available in other languages or in “audio,” “large print” or “Braille.”” So Audio is fine because maybe someone can’t read, lets just hope they can read the road signs, lets just hope the know the difference between merge left and merge right or merge left or rest area. Large print now is odd, some people can’t see to well and need large print to read. This would be fine if these people were going to be lunch room workers or well drillers. The fact is I want my taxi cab drivers to have good vision. The last one is out of the world crazy. Can we please not have a Braille application for a taxi cab driver? The facts are out people who read using Braille should not be driving. This is dangerous and unacceptable. The point is you have to have some things to be able to do some things. You have to have a car to be in a car race. You have to have water to live. You have to have snow to build a snowman. You have to have a heart to pump blood. You have to have eye sight to drive a car. I always say life is simple. If you can see, then you can try to be a taxi cab driver. This is nothing against you if you can’t see but wow it is so important as a taxi cab driver. If a taxi cab driver was blind how would they know where to pull over to let the person out. How would they know how much they just got paid? How would they see someone on the side of the street with there hand up? I don’t want to be a downer I am just trying to keep people safe. Portsmouth people, please re think this plan to have Braille applications. You may regret this one day.



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