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How to prepare a lamb. March 6, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is how to prepare a lamb. The question is preparing it to do what? The question ran though my head a couple times and then this website solved all my problems.

http://melissainromania.wordpress.com/2010/03/06/video-silvia-preparing-the-lamb/ (warning this has a graphic video, but not to graphic)

You understand now, right? It is being prepared to go though an amazing 3 step process. It is just like anything, it all comes down to steps. When you’re a baby your first step to taking a first step is to step your foot forward. The first step to preparing a lamb is to put it on the counter. Now make sure the wool is off, set it aside for a blanket or coat or socks or something. The first step is always most important in anything and can’t be skipped. As you notice from the video it helps to speak a language besides English, no one knows exactly why this helps but it does. The narrator seems lost and confused but this is ok because the cooks seems really good at there craft.

The second step is a bit confusing, I then you hack some meat off the lamb with great precision and put it in water and then it really hot water. It is anyone’s guess why it goes in really hot water, but the English speaking narrator elected not to tell us, for good reason I am assuming. It is probably due to the fact there is blood flowing off the counter onto the floor and she is trying to stop this. You can see this in one of those pictures, but perhaps that is just part of an intestine. These are great lessons, so visual and you can let your mind wander and say “what is that?”

Third step is dig inside a bowl of organs. This is a simple step but important because you might be eating those later so you want to put them in water and then in really hot water. At this point the narrator all most seems scared, but this may or may not be true. The point is there are organs to be put in water and she can’t lose her cool now. Life is all about how you can do under pressure, when that fool swerves into your lane how do you react? What about when a tree is about to fall on you, are you quick like a rabbit? It is important to gain these skills to make it in this busy world.

Remember, wither it is driving, or walking in the woods or cutting up a lamb remember the 3 steps.

  1. Put on counter
  2. Put in water and then really hot water
  3. Dig though a bowl of organs.

Eat up everyone!

It all seriousness. Melissa is a good friend and is a missionary in Romania so please feel free to donate some money her way I know for a fact it goes to some amazing kids. Please look though her blog and send her some money, I know she will appreciate it.



1. mdosborne2 - March 6, 2010

i was not lost or confused…just distracted. we gave the bowl of organs to the stray dogs and cats that live around the apartment building.

2. Silas - March 6, 2010

lol, mmmm organs…

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