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Printers are brats. March 3, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I Learned tonight is printers are brats. I am sure we have all struggled with printers and feel like throwing them into a huge lava pit the size of Zimbabwe. But we don’t because we need them. That is the major problem with technology; it is not like we use it to be handy or make life simple we use it because we have to.  If we don’t use it we get called Stone Age and old school. Although I don’t remember in the history books anything saying that cave men used type writers, man those things are old school. Now we know computers cause problems to, but they work 64%* of the time which is pretty good. When we push print we want things to happen but sometimes they don’t. The problem is printers are brats. Brat is a funny word, it is short for B Rat, meaning annoying. The key board, mouse and computer work together in great unison 64%* of the time to form a connection to the printe. This process is explained in this lovely video I have found, here it goes.

Now it all makes sense right? What we really learned tonight is we should not let the key board suffer because something won’t print, it is just not fair. Printers are brats, but we got to have them. If there was a lava pit the size of an African country do not throw the printer in there. I do not want to hear horror stories of you freaking out and quitting your job because you are depressed because someone called you “old school” or “stone age”. You have been warned, take heed my friends.

*this stat is made up



1. dez - March 4, 2010

id just toss it in the Kiluea!

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