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Signs are sharp. March 2, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is signs are sharp. How many have you have been cut by a sign? I know I have not but I am sure millions of people across the globe are put in danger by signs every year. I am talking about those metal ones, like road signs. Because they are made of thin metal they can cut you like a knife. Pretty much a knife is just thin metal. This is not good because knifes will cut you and so will signs. Now tonight I got cut by a knife, it was my fault. If you get cut by a sign it will look like my figure does, it will look cut. You may be thinking that I have lost it and have gone mad, but this is not true. Like most things I blog about I have internet to back me up. Check this out.

See what I told you? It is true. I do not make stuff up. I am here to learn things and then teach you things. My readers are some of the most educated people. Life is rough but if you don’t know the ins and outs of life it gets tougher. You know what else is sharp? Scissors, they are made of thin metal.  Razor blades are also sharp, again think metal. Sword is also a think piece of metal and sharp. Same with an axe, although it is a bit thinker in comparison to a piece of metal on a bridge, it is thin. The point I am trying to make is metal is a blessing and a curse. Metal has helped us build strong amazing structures but also if made thin it cuts us. It is kind of like candy it is awesome but is bad for us. Metal is awesome but bad for us. It is kind of like a watermelon. It is so good but if you eat a black seed a watermelon plant will grow out your ear, ouch!

I heard something about a bridge being out up ahead, did you? Oh well I am just going to keep driving and not touch any signs, I don’t want to get cut. Be safe everyone and look both ways.



1. dez - March 4, 2010

you know what else is sharp!!
those clothing racks in department storesQ
curse them! ha!

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