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You don’t have to listen to your friends. February 26, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is you don’t have to listen to your friends. This may seem backwards to most of you because if you can’t trust your friends who can you trust? A good friend can get you though a bad day. If you fall into a giant pot hole in the sidewalk your friend will help you out. If you are driving the wrong way on a one way street your friend will let you know. If your hair is on fire your friend will put it out (this happened to me once, but the same friend started it on fire so not sure if that counts). Now I tell you this just to say sometimes friends are wrong and maybe listening to there every word can get us in trouble or even wet, check this out.

Don’t you just love that quote “hang on to him now”, yeah what a great idea. Some times in life we need to just tie the pole to the boat or just let go. Hanging on to that fish got that guy in some trouble. If you are not strong enough, do not hang on. That video just proves my point, he listened to his friend and hung on. Now he is flipping over the side of the boat into the mighty ocean and the whole time I bet he is thinking “what a bad idea.” It is safe to say they did not land the fish into the boat, what a loser of the day. I guess that man can feel proud, he trusted his friend even to the point of no return. We can learn a lot from him, mainly just to learn from his mistakes.

Let him go man, let him go.



1. dez - March 4, 2010

subliminal messages to a paticular viewer?! Ha! =]

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