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Macaroni and cheese is a crayon color. February 25, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is macaroni and cheese is a crayon color. Not only is macaroni and cheese an amazing Italian dish it is also a color crayon put out by world famous Crayola. Has this been common knowledge? Maybe, but not to me. To me this is amazing I have always wanted a world famous Italian Dish to be put in a world famous crayon makers box. I really compare this to a movie star, they need to marry another movie star, the only way it will work. This macaroni and cheese color would not work in some off brand box, it would flop big time. World famous meet world famous. Now the color of this crayon is interesting. Shall I explain? Think of a bowl of macaroni and cheese steaming hot and good. Now don’t think about it, because the color is nothing like that. Well, the color is orange, but the crayon is so bright. Think Fanta soda. It just hit me, why not call it Orange Fanta. Why did they call it macaroni and cheese anyway, I bet Italy gave them millions. Also think bright pumpkin or bright orange (the fruit). Really you just have to think bright, think about an orange anything and then think bright. Or you could just think Fanta, the orange kind. Have I lost you yet, because I am lost. Here just look at this.

Bright, huh? Those Italians are always spending big money to get there name on stuff. First they got a hold of sausage people and got them to call it Italian sausage.  You would think it would end there, but not until Rome got a hold of Crayola and said this “so we have this famous dish called macaroni and cheese if you name a crayon after it we will give you some Euros.” Now I guess money talks, but they should of really called it Orange Fanta. Please compare the colors here, which one do you think is close, the famous Italian dish or famous German soda.

Easy, huh? I mean there is no way you can tell me it don’t look like orange fanta. I am glad you agree with me. I was glad tonight to learn about this amazing color of crayon just disappointed with Crayola for not naming it the right name. You should comment with your vote, so I can send this onto Crayola, they need to hear it from the people. Also please try to color in the lines, it looks better.



1. lauri - February 25, 2010

my mac and cheese is not that color. but in honor of your blog that is what we are having for dinner tonight! 🙂

2. mdosborne2 - March 2, 2010

I seem to recall there was a crayon color naming contest a few years ago…like in the 90’s. And all these kids made up names for the crayon colors… Mac and Cheese would make sense because it’s the favorite food of most small children, who are typically the main consumer of crayons…. just a thought.

3. Anonymous - March 18, 2010

Im kinda disappointed that you just now figured out this!!! Man you must have been deprived as a child not to get the giant box of color crayons!!

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