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Inland taipan snakes have enough venom to kill a quarter million mice. February 24, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is an inland taipan snake has enough venom to kill a quarter million mice. Now that is a lot of mice. The best part is this snake has a nickname and it is “The Fierce Snake”, I’d say. Just think if you had enough venom to kill quarter million rodents, you would call your self fierce. At least that is what I would call you. Now this snake lives in Australia, but have no fear the outback is still kind of safe because this snake is shy. Well, you know what they say “when the snake is shy you are safe.” But that is easy to say until venom that can kill thousands of rodents is shot into your leg, so much for the shy snake. Venom is a weird thing, because it kills you. You know there is that stuff out there that just kills people and venom is that thing for most people, maybe all people. If we ever find someone immune to venom, the inland taipan is not going to be so powerful anymore.

Have you noticed when people talk about animals on TV they always go over there “range”. What that means is where it hangs out. We all have a range, please email me your range. The best way I have found to tell an animals range is go by the name. Here are some examples

  1. Polar Bear: This thing must live in Polar Regions and be white because snow is white and snow is in the Polar Regions.
  2. African Wild Dog: This one is easy, Africa. If it swam across the meditation sea to Spain then it would it be a European wild dog?
  3. Amazon Leaf Fish: This fish swim in the water. The Amazon River to be exact. This is a very large river.
  4. Baja Speckled Rattle Snake: This is also a venomous snake but this one has a different range, because it is on the Baja peninsula in Mexico. Also it has nothing on the inland taipan, it could probably only kill like 50 mice, weak.
  5. Desert horned viper: Sounds scary, because it is. This range is different, because it is not one place, but many places, like deserts. I mean an animal expect would probably cringe at that explanation, so I am sorry.
  6. Inca Tern: This is located where the mighty Inca’s lived. This is a real animal by the way, just don’t ask me to describe it because I can’t.

As you can see this is very simple, you can do this with less than 1% of animals but still very useful. Now the fierce snake is not located in fierce as you might first thing. Fierce is not really a place but more of a descriptive word for mean and going to put venom in your leg. But the name INLAND taipan means it lives in the Inland parts. See how simple that was. Check out this map.

The snake thrives in the red areas

See inland Australia. Considering that this snake roams those areas will probably hurt tourism in that area and for that I am sorry, I just report the facts. Now remember if some one gets you mad don’t become fierce on them or shoot venom into there leg. Also, remember that shy people are safe, so don’t hurt me inland Australia!



1. Anonymous - September 17, 2011

what types of snakes is flying in air

2. ask.fm free anonymous tracker - June 15, 2014

Outstanding post but I was wanting to know if you could write a litte
more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little
bit more. Appreciate it!

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