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A whip “cracks” because it’s faster than the speed of sound. February 23, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.
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What I learned tonight is a whip “cracks” because it’s faster than the speed of sound. I found this super hard to believe so I googled it and 1,000 websites or more said it was true, so it must be true. My first thought was “if tip of the whip makes a crack sound because it goes faster than the speed of sound, so this should mean if someone is whipped it should go right though them.”  What is the speed of sound you might ask, well after I googled it, I found that it depends on the weather. What that tells me a lot, it tells me the speed of sound is like clothing, depending on the weather you might wear more or less cloths. Depending on the weather you may use more or less speed of sound. Get it? If you are lost, do not worry. So at 68 degrees Fahrenheit the speed of sound is a massive 768 mile per hour. Wow that is fast, but can you whip a whip that fast? Pretty much we can sum it up by saying,

I like to make things simple so I like to use simple formulas we can all understand. Life would be simpler if everything was a formula, don’t you think? Ok, back to whips, I have never been whipped but to think of getting smacked with a thing going 768 MPH sounds awful and painful and it might hurt. So what all goes the speed of sound? A jet does, would you like to get hit by one of those? Really that is all I can think of, I doubt a bird can? I know I can’t and you probably can’t. I bet a bullet is moving that fast. I hate to limit things but all I can think of is whips and Jets and bullets.

We could say that bullets and jets and whips can be represented with this:

So C = whips and jets and bullets.  From now on we can just say c when we talk about those three things.

“Don’t C me!”

“Oh, I am going to go out and change the spark plugs in my C”

“How many C’s does your gun hold?”

Mark it down, life got easier today! Just don’t get confused, guns don’t hold jets and whips don’t have spark plugs. If you can get past that initial confusion stage you are good to go. It should pass rather quickly, if after 3 to 6 years you are still confused talk to me and I will give you some helpful hints.

I feel bad for anyone that gets whip by anything that’s moving faster than square root of c over p, ouch that’s got to be painful.



1. dez - February 23, 2010

i officially dislike you. haha

everything always has to come back to math doesnt it! haha errrrr

2. lauri - February 23, 2010


3. Anonymous - March 3, 2010

Also if someone shoots at you and you hear the gunshot that means you survived.

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