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Doctors are famous. February 15, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is doctors are famous. While talking to a doctor tonight he stated to me that he was famous. Hospitals are weird places and so I thought I was hearing things so I said what? And he said yeah I am famous. I never thought of that before but I guess yeah they are famous, they save lives. Well time passed on and I saw him couple minutes later and I ask “hey why are you famous?” I did not know what he was going to say, I thought maybe he saved a man who got shot or save a kids arm by sewing it back on, or lots of stuff raced thought my head. Most people are famous for doing famous type stuff. I am not famous because I don’t jump over 329 cars on my motorcycle or eat 145 hotdogs in 35 seconds or save a life or fly to mars or sleep for 14 days or buried my self alive and popped out of the ground 2 days later. I mean being famous is doing famous stuff. Also movie stars are famous, by the way, so are sports stars. I think they might be famous just because they are rich. Oh yeah rich people are famous to. Back to the doctor, he was super cool and told me why he was famous he says “well, I just autographed 14 pieces of paper just to give a guy Advil, I do that 50 times a day, you do the math. Do you think Griffey signs that many autographs in one day?” Here I am waiting for an amazing story one I can pass on to my grand kids, “yeah I met the doctor who saved 12 lives in 10 minutes” and what I got was the most profound information a man can get at in a lifetime. I am a better man right now because of this doctor, not only did I get to shake his hand, I understood what famous is all about. It is about signing stuff. For days and weeks and years I will remember tonight, the night I learned how to become famous, I will strive for this goal and I won’t give up trying. By the way you can’t just sign stuff, it has to have some meaning. That is my own observation. Don’t let the candle burn out everyone, and do not jump over 329 cars, that is way to many!



1. m - February 28, 2010

Send me a signed postcard. It will help the cause. Write or draw something too.
Mail to:
M johnson
1132 w 18th st 3r
Chicago, I’ll 60608

A response will be granted upon arrival.

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