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Ski Poles = No Fear February 12, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is sharp ski poles = no fear. While talking to a brave Alaskan adventurer we came upon a topic that is dear to my heart. The topic is one of great importance to the survival of the human race. This topic is how to stay alive while skiing around wild animals. This man had a recent adventure where while skiing he found himself amongst many wild creatures, moose and lynxes. This can be a dangerous situation; you are faced with many options. You could play dead but lying in the snow for to long tends to get you cold and you may have a hard time surviving that, that’s what we call, out of the fire into another fire. You could ski out very fast, but because lynx have large paws they will out run you and drag you down and eat you. You could negotiate, but that’s really dumb don’t do that. You could build a quick now fort and stay there till they leave, while a smart idea the logistics of this are far fetched and not realistic, these are wild animals we are talking about here. I was stumped my head was at its limit of thinking power, I mean I thought of fighting back, but that is just asking for trouble. So I did it, I took the plunge, this will either make me look stupid or answer my question. I came to this fork in the road so I took it. I said “So how do you protect your self?” He looks right at me with a serious look, a look of power and confidence and a will to live. Slowly but steadily he stands up and takes a big gulp of water and says “my ski poles are sharp, I fear nothing.” The sound “thinggggggg” echoes though the room for about a half a second.  For that one moment I was humbled I was at the mercy of this Alaskan, no longed was I thinking of how to survive with wild animals around me because now I knew, knew what it took to live. I was fill up with confidence to the top of my head. No longer to we will need to ski in fear, no longer do we need to walk in fear, just walk with ski poles. No longer do wild animal make us scared no longer do we need to play dead or build a fort or negotiate. We are tough, we are humans, we have been in powered by this Alaskan and we have sharp ski poles…. fear nothing.



1. DC Perez - February 12, 2010

Great read…Very interesting..working on my fear of heights–my illusion:(


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