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Carpet helps you sleep. February 11, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is carpet helps you sleep. Many of you might know that I work graveyard shift. It is pretty out of control most the time, because well I am awake when you are asleep. That is why I am awake right now writing this just in time for you all to read it when you wake up and I will go home and sleep while you make your money in your nice awesome day time jobs. Tonight I was reading this website about sleeping hints for night shift workers. These are great tips like “close the blinds” wow never thought of that one. It is funny how basic info is always the best. Like “push the brake to stop” or “chew your food”. My personal favorite is “road way may be wet when raining.” If I was to teach a class on how to be a better person I would teach people this stuff. We tend to forget things, that’s why we all need reminded not to eat the grass in the park. They made a big point about putting carpet in your room to absorb noise. What a great plan, I mean I am glad my bedroom all ready has carpet, I am a lucky one. This got me thinking however, what other things are we lucky to have. I feel lucky to have a brake peddle in my car. I also am glad I have a jaw so I can chew my food.

Let’s get back to the carpet, have you ever been in a gym and no one else is in it and it echoes a lot? See you don’t want to sleep in there, which is what this website is getting to. Try sleeping on your kitchen table when you have linoleum floors, it will be hard, too noisy. The next time some one points out how nice they love there hardwood floor bedroom say this “work graveyard then tell me how much you like it.” They won’t believe you of course, but I will. Then like 2 days later be like “try removing your jaw and see how you like it.” They will not understand this of course, but I will. Our brains are setup to rank things, on the surface we would say a jaw is more important than carpet, you are wrong if you think like that. You can live a lot longer without food then without sleep, right? Do not be so quick in your judgment. You know that old saying “what is more important, the chicken or the egg?” Wait, is that what it says? I don’t know I am too tired to think right now. Perhaps I need shag carpet, I bet I would sleep real good then.



1. jaime - February 11, 2010

ask angie if you can get shag carpet in your new Room?

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