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Teenagers don’t have backbones. February 10, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight, is teenagers now days don’t have backbones. The backbone is an important part of the life of a teenager. In fact it is very important for the life of us all. Picture a person walking up stairs with out a back bone, odd. Now I read this in an article where some old lady said that teens have a problem today and this is the have no backbone. What does she mean by this? They have no backbone? I mean she could be talking about the spinal column, but I doubt it because I think most/all teens have that. She was probably referring to, being bold and stepping out. That is interesting though because the teens I know I wish they would stop being bold and just do what I say. Stepping out is hard with out a backbone, so the lady has a point there. 100% of people with out a back bone don’t step out is what she was referring to, I think.

Think about the world, it is round, yes, it is not flat, yes, it has lots of water, yes, it is cold in the middle, no. The earth surface contains a lot of water and bugs. Bugs roam around the ground at rapid or slow paces all day. Stay with me here, this will all come full circle in a minute. Bugs have no back bones, they march around without a back bone, it makes no sense to me, but it works. This is why it is really easy to squash them on the side walk. Where are we now? Teenagers allegedly have no backbones and bugs have no back bones.

What do to you think about when you think about teens. Lots of words come to mind, right? Well what ever words you think of I know deep down you are thinking, “wow they bug me”. See where this is going. You are in a movie theater and the teen in front of you is texting 200 word per minute, talking on a blue tooth and playing pac man, all while talking to her friend next to her during the best part of “raining meatballs” or whatever that movie was called. The point is, if this happened to you, you would be bugged!

Let’s put this all together.

I got to be honest I thought this was all going to come full circle but in reality I was wrong, it mostly just came full triangle with a line off to the right. Either I way I hope it is all most clear now, this old lady writing this article was right, teens have no back bones, those little bugs.

*If you are a teenager and reading this your diagram would look more like this.



1. Mona - February 10, 2010

Oh, Ty! You do beat all. I have to say, though, that I live with three teens and they don’t bug me. The backbone that the lady was referring to, around here, we call it strength of character. And it’s not just about stepping out or speaking up, it is about staying in your own lane and considering the next person as important as yourself (i.e. no texting or chatting at inappropriate times). I’ve checked and my kids have every single vertebra they were born with, and their spine has grown to support tasks of steadily increasing difficulty. In the same way, growth of character will support and facilitate a mighty leader in society. I HATE bugs!

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