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Bosses Are Always Right February 4, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is, bosses are always right. Now before I begin I hope I don’t offend any bosses out there, but on second thought I doubt any bosses read my blog. Being a boss puts you at a certain social structure that my blog is not and won’t be at ever.  It is probably at social level 5 and my blog is a social level 2*. Now bosses they tell you what to do and you have to do it, unless you want to be fired. Because of this forced labor bosses put us social level 3 people on, it makes them right. My first example of this is, scenario one, two piles of rocks. Day 1: Boss says move pile A to pile B, this creates pile C. Day 2: Boss says move pile C to where pile A use to be, this creates pile A again. Day 3: Boss screams because pile C is not pile A and demands a move to where pile B use to be, this creates pile B. Day 4: The boss says that pile B is no good and wants to make a new pile 6 miles away, this creates pile D. Day 5, Boss calls in sick but leaves a email stating that piles A and B need to be re created out of some invisible rock that has yet to be created and contains 65% mercury and 12% diamond. You see what I am saying, not only is the boss right in all 5 days, the boss also gets paid more than you. You might be thinking that Day 5 makes no sense, well that’s because it does not make sense, but when a social level 5 boss says it, its fact.

Remember that not only do bosses treat you like dirt they also see you as dirt. It is not there fault, once social status 5 has been achieved social status 1, 2, and 3 are viewed as dirt. This is a mental thing that can be helped as much as you or I can help humans understand an ant, in other words it can’t happen. The sight of a boss can send many of us into deep pits of despair, but just remember they have it worse. Why do I say this you might ask, well how would you like it to walk into the room and see a whole work space full of dirt and you are expected to lead it. The next time you feel cheated or disrespected at work, just think of how bad your boss has it.

Remember three things If you want to make it to social status 4. The first is that when you move pile A, you know it will end up back at pile A, so get over it. The second is you may not of done it wrong, but you sure did not do it right. The third is you are dirt and again get over it. The work force is a hard core, super extreme, positive place to spend 1/3 of your life, be happy and shower often you dirt ball.

*The social level system is totally made up by me, but who knows it could catch on.



1. Heather - February 4, 2010

Problems at work?

I totally agree we should separate everyone by social status.

2. jaime - February 4, 2010

haha heather what social status are you?

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