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You don’t need a Steering Wheel. January 29, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight is you don’t need a steering wheel in a car. That is right you don’t and it will still drive, actually you don’t even need pedals. If you don’t believe me check this out.

That is right, no steering wheel or pedals, fantastic! I got this sent to me in an email from a good friend and loyal reader this morning and I was stunned. It was a email full of other pictures like this and some words written randomly. The best quote of the email reads like this “NOW a 3-YEAR-OLD can STEAL your car AND DRIVE IT BETTER THAN YOU CAN!” Ok, so that might be a little extreme but at the same time, it is probably true. I am just not sold on the fact that a 3 year old can brake into a car. If they could you think they would, maybe a failed attempt because they can only drive cars with joysticks for controls. I am sure those the channel 4 news people with the perfectly combed hair and goofy smile would love a little 3 year old attempted stolen car story to make there week complete. Which in realty is not a bad thing at least they would stop talking about the swine flu, global warming and some goofy weather prediction that says well 60% chance of rain. Which is silly, because that is just saying, well it might rain, but it might not. Thinking of silly, the more I think the more silly it seems, why would they make a car like this. No one is going to buy it, I mean would you buy a car a 3 year old is going to steal, not me. It is like a huge target, like look at me I have no steering wheel and pedals and all of a sudden 29 3 years olds just appear in front of you, all battling for position to steal that car and drive it off better than you. First off its awkward watching three year olds fight in a parking lot with no parents around, second off you lost your car. I compare this to getting a job at Microsoft and walking into your first day of work chatting on your Iphone and carrying your Mac book pro, you are a target then, I doubt that 29 Bill Gates will jump you when you least suspect it, but you never know. It is always funny how things are so much different once you think about them. Like remember back to the first of this entry, I said the word “fantastic” to describe this car, now all I can think about is getting attacked by 29 3 year olds, creepy! That is something out of some horror film, in fact I need to get a copy right on this story line. If anyone has any ideas on how to go about this let me know. Lets do everyone a favor and not ever buy this car. I appreciate the makers and all there hard work, but its one of those things better left in pictures. We do not want 3 year old crime rate on the rise, it is high enough all ready and I don’t want your car stolen. Lets keep it old school everybody, remember to keep two hands on the wheel, and don’t text while driving.



1. Heather - January 30, 2010

WHAT THE?? I don’t get it. (The car I mean). That’s crazy. There are some things just better left as “ideas”. Although that’s probably what everyone said when someone thought to make Nutella, and look at the popularity.

2. Erica - February 8, 2010

I think that they need to put the joysticks in front of you, wouldn’t it be weird to drive the car leaning over the whole time?

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