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Big Guns are Awesome. January 27, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

Please take a look at that.

What I learned tonight is big guns are awesome. No, I am not talking about my huge biceps that I am assuming you all were thinking when you saw the title. If you watched the video then you saw a gigantic shotgun just destroy 128 clay pigeons in one shot. I think that is quite amazing, and those people are some of the coolest on the planet. To own that gun would be a highlight of my life and I would shoot it often. I mean it took two people to carry it, that is how awesome it is. For you people out there that have no clue really what is going on because you don’t understand it, let me explain. That gun is like rafting down a river on a cruise ship. I mean it is pointless, but to say you did it, would be awesome. It would also be like cutting your pizza with a 40 inch pizza cutter, super pointless, but awesome! If you were as cool as these people you would drive your 1968 mustang to work, even though you work at home. The best way to describe that shotgun to the people who don’t know a gun from a curling iron is to describe it as a volcano on the end of a stick. It is like mixing a Atomic bomb and Gandalf the Grey. By the way if Gandalf the Grey had that shotgun middle earth would have been a much different place. The point is, this gun is awesome. If you ever needed protection from 128 bright orange disks flying at you, then get a gun like this. Buy it, make it, but please do not steal it, just get one.  Sell the car, sell the boat, heck sell your wife’s wedding dress, (why does she need that anyway? Planning on getting married again? Sounds suspicious to me) just do what ever it takes. You will love the feeling of having a weapon stronger than a lava shooting mountain, A bombs and middle earth super hero. Life is to short to not have this gun, have a good one friends.



1. Jeff - January 27, 2010

Big guns are awesome! That shotgun almost kicks as hard as craig’s shotgun we used in that video. lol. good times

2. Spencer - January 27, 2010

Ha! maybe Jeff could hit a bird with that shotgun!.. Just joken, Jeff and I shot a few birds in our day!

3. Heather - January 27, 2010

This blog was very well done, and very humorous, and had some really great thought-provoking statements. I have a lot to think about.

4. Erica - January 28, 2010

That shot gun is pretty sick!! you probably have to make sure you have 128 clay pigeons cause i would hate to see what would happen if you only had 126 and a half!

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