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Someone stole a bunch of Ferrets. January 25, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

What I learned tonight was that someone in Mexico stole a bunch of ferrets. Ferrets are those funny, hotdog looking weird animals. They don’t really look like a hotdog, just hotdog like, with fur. I am not a hug fan of them, but I think some people like them. Now this person who stole some ferrets must love them, because what I did not tell you was he or she stole 150 of them! That is a lot of ferrets, I mean I am assuming he or she is going to sell them or something. Think about this, 150 ferrets running around this thief’s house, stealing never pays, right? The first thing I thought of when I heard this was, did he or she steal them all from one place or different places. I really want to think that he or she got them from one place. I bet it went like this.

(I am going to make up a name for this robber, a good gender natural name, Wren.)

Once upon a time this person named Wren was sitting around and wanted to make money, so he decided to break into a house. Wren drove the streets until this one house stuck out to Wren, it was painted green and looked nice. Wren stepped in thought a window and Wren was amazed by what was inside, hundreds of ferrets. Wren did what anyone would do in this situation and started gathering them up one by one and putting them in bags, garbage cans, buckets, anything that was lying around. Dollar signs were in Wrens eyes every time he was bitten, clawed or mauled by 20 or 30 ferrets. Anyway, Wren ended up getting mauled 8 times, bit 23 times and clawed 45 times, but Wren got 150 ferrets, wow Wren is rich.

See what I mean, stealing never pays. What are some other things that would be weird to steal in major bulk is the next thing I thought. How about q tips, that is a funny thing to steal. Rock salt, tooth picks and fish food also comes to mind. I think the ultimate would be bags of ice, how funny would it be if someone stole 80 bags of ice. I mean I guess someone might have a use for them, if someone has a use for 150 ferrets, then who am I to say 80 bags of ice is worthless.

Thanks for reading, and please I urge you people to not steal. Also, don’t be getting mauled, it hurts.

ps. Happy Birthday to my Sister, she is 17 today. Wow time flys.



1. Kee - January 25, 2010

Oh my gosh Tyler!!! LMAO!!!! (I’m crying)

2. Spencer - January 25, 2010

I feel ya… I feel ya…

3. jaime - January 25, 2010

looking at your blog on work computer = one more view for today 🙂

4. Jeff - January 25, 2010

poor ferrets. i wish they mauled him better. maybe took one of his eyes or finger. that would be almost fair ya know.

5. Heather - January 25, 2010

lol bags of ice

6. Nathan - January 25, 2010

I think the ferrets morphed into one giant bear sized ferret and that’s how they were able to maul the robber. They obviously didn’t do a good enough job though because now the robber has them and is rich…

7. clay - May 15, 2010

nice ty very funny and where do you find these things?

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