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You can catch a fish using a spider web. January 18, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

While wondering though the channels on the TV today I noticed a program showing this guy about to go fishing. The thing was he was going to use a spider web to help. I was transfixed as this took place, please have a look.


I will try to explain this. So this tribal man living on an island in the pacific collects this spider web from these spiders. He then wraps it up into a stand a couple inches long. After this is gets crazy he ties this to a string that’s attacked to a kite, yes a kite! This kite has another string that the man holds on to. Now I was freaking out how cool this is, as he lets go of the kite it floats out over the water and the spider web just dangles right over the water. Now these needle fish are down there and they can’t bit a hook that’s why they use spider web. These needle fish grab onto this spider web and POW there teeth and scaly nose get caught up and the man reels the fish in, it’s awesome.

It is so weird though, I mean first off he uses a kite! Now kites are so hard to use and him and his buddies are like machines, perfection. I have tried kites a lot of people I know tried kites, they always fail and brake. This mans kite was made out of a leaf, I think anyway, that is hard core. If you go to the coast, its windy there, thousands of people try kites, over 10million kites are damaged or lost a year*! That is how impressive this man was, he had a whole boat load full of this fish, what a guy!

Second off, how did this get started, what a genius man. I bet the guy who invented this method was laughed at so much. I bet they were all mad one day because they want to eat those needle fish but can never catch them. So some guy like walks back to go catch a bird or something to eat and sees a big stuck in a spider web and gets this idea. He takes it back to his friends and they just laugh and laugh. I would probably laugh as well. Anyway this guy try’s this technique over and over till one day after three months of trying it works. Three months of laughing and it works! It is such a heart warming story and a awesome way to fish, my dream is to do this someday!

*this stat is made up.



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