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Potted Flowers = Symbolism for further life and growth. January 16, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

We all know that women like to get flowers, right? Well I learned tonight that this is true, but what kind is the best to get? I don’t mean the 10,002,398 different species of flowers that are out there but I mean, potted or cut? Now cut flowers are traditionally the flower of chose, and we can all see why, what’s better than a flower being stuck in a vase with water in it? By the way, I do not think the water in there helps it grow, just so you know. Flowers that have been cut, don’t really grow anymore. Anyway, you can also buy flowers in a pot. Potted flowers are used to sit around the house and because there have roots and dirt and stuff, if you give them water, they will stay alive. You can also plant these potted plants in your garden, just remember to take the pot out first, before it goes in the ground. Anyway, back to what I leaned, ladies will love this potted plant option because the flower is not DEAD! Who wants a dead thing as a gift, is that even romantic? Would you give your girl friend a dead dog for Christmas, I think not! Would you give your wife a dead car for her birthday, no! Wait, where I grew up you might, but that’s beside the point. A potted plant shows furthering of life, it keeps on living, unless you forget to water it of course. It keeps on growing, like we all should, unless you don’t water it. Sometimes I feel like we stop growing when we play xbox or are on facebook, it’s like we stop watering our selves. On second thought I remember hearing you don’t want to over water, so keep on playing that xbox everyone, it only seems logical.

To recap we have a potted flower living and a cut flower dead. Maybe it’s a matter of preference or maybe its just a potted plant is like a whole new level of commitment in a relationship. Maybe its like saying “hey lets further our life and grow” where as a cut flower is like “hey me and you… lets date.” Think of a cut flower has a bunch of jelly just like flopping around the table in a sticky mess and now picture your self cleaning up the mess, not good huh? Now picture that jelly, staying alive in a jar sitting peacefully on the table where you grab the jelly and stare out your window that over looks the ocean at sun raise, wow that’s nice. Just hopefully the jelly is not growing like the potted flower, then its time to throw it away. Lessons a plenty here on the blog today, right? Email me your flower stories, it will be fantastic. Until next time America 3 people who read this.



1. Anonymous - January 16, 2010

cut flowers= death ! 🙂 pretty sure

2. jaime - January 16, 2010

death= mourning

3. Heston - January 16, 2010

well thats good that girls like alive flowers…their cheaper!

4. Erica - January 20, 2010

I like cut flowers better cause you dont really have to take care of them lol

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