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Math teachers are weird. January 15, 2010

Posted by tyjorg in What I Learned Tonight.

I learned today that math teachers are weird. You know you are in one of those conversations where someone will just blurts something out, “MATH TEACHERS ARE WEIRD!” You know how that goes, right? Well that happened to me and well of course it got me thinking, Yeah they are weird, that’s what I learned deep in my thoughts. Thanks for the wisdom unnamed person. Here is why they are weird, you will be sitting in math class lost in nothingness, staring out the window at the grass and trees until you notice that’s not really a window, it is just a wall and all of a sudden the teacher starts in on a joke. Of course our first reaction is great, I love to laugh. The professor starts in and it goes like this… “One day a guy walks into a bar and says to the bar tender give me what is on tap yo” so the bar tender gives it to him and the guys says “so want to hear something funny?” and the bartender says sure, so the guy says “so your waitress over there thought the lowest common denominator of ½ and 7/16 was 5”. ………………


Then the professor is straight up laughing, and of course the class is like what is going on right now. But the professor still chuckling to himself goes back to teaching the class about factors and binomials and all that, and we go back to staring out that nice window. That window by the way is a vacation for our brain, don’t deny it that vacation.

That got me thinking, maybe every profession has its joke, something that makes them tick and makes them laugh. Just picture a bunch of math teachers in a room just rolling over the above joke. Now picture a fire house, everyone is sitting around and all over a sudden one guy stands up and yells “fire!!” and jumps down that pole to the trucks. Then he says “just kidding” and they all laugh and walk back up stairs and start watching tv. Can you picture that? I can.

Now picture some newspaper boys rolling on the ground after this joke is told “So I threw the paper on the roof and it rolled and hit the dog in the head”. How about a couple business men sitting around talking about when a client says “how about you lower your price?” Of course the businessmen think this is hilarious, while I would just stand there like I just saw a 12 foot ghost carrying a mop. Florist love to tell jokes, that’s what they do when they are cutting flowers and making beautiful bouquets. Here is a joke they love “knock knock”, “who’s there?” “Flower” “flower who?” “FLOWER POWER!”. I am sure florists laugh for hours on the one joke alone! They tell this joke daily, by the way.

The point is math teachers are weird, but so are firemen, business men, florist and paper boys. Life is what we make of it I guess, so keep on laughing, but don’t laugh at your math teacher, he will think he is funny and keep telling jokes all class. Then you will be jumping out that window, ouch that will hurt!



1. Heston - January 15, 2010

Very nicely put

2. Heather - January 15, 2010

I have this blog bookmarked because it will bring joy to my otherwise horrible, wretched day.

3. Dez - January 21, 2010

best yet! i will print and have it beside me in my painfully aching Math courses! =]

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